Menu Plan Week 51

Planning the menu plan for week 51 was fairly easy.  I was more than aggressive in the kitchen last week.  Lots of food lead to lots of leftovers.  That means that the menu plan for week 51 will be filled with several “cook once/eat twice” meals.  Believe me, this is not a bad thing.  It will actually be quite helpful since there will be some over the top meals planned for Sunday and Monday.  Obviously Sunday is Fathers’ Day and I am planning an exciting new burger recipe from Rachel Ray.  I know, I know…burgers for Father’s Day?   Well when I read the recipe for these unique wonders out loud, the ‘Ole Buckeye’s mouth watered.  Since my son was out of town for both his birthday and Fathers’ Day and will be home alone next week, we are planning a family celebration on Monday combining a belated birthday and Father’s Day celebration.  The feast of grilled steaks and fabulous sides will take place then.

Meanwhile I am busy learning about the Trim Healthy Mama concept of healthy eating. The book arrived on Tuesday and I enrolled in a book study group.  It started yesterday.

Unofficial Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Section One – June 12th 2017

The day is finally here!! Today we start our unofficial Trim Healthy Mama book study online together! If you’re new, or not sure how this works, then this blog post may be helpful to you.

THM Book Study

I am trying to understand this new healthy concept before I do a lot of forward menu planning and grocery shopping.  I don’t want to stock up on items that I won’t be using. I am excited that this plan includes foods that I missed in the Suzanne Somer’s plan and it looks to be more compatible with a long term lifestyle.   In the past I have had the tendency to drop pounds on a diet and then revert to eating like I had previously because I missed certain foods.  I need crunch.  I also enjoy dessert occasionally.

I don’t want my meals to be boring.  I have spent the past two years cooking new recipes and adapting them.  I have enjoyed exploring interesting flavor combinations.  I want to continue that process.  It appears that I may be able to continue that routine with this new plan.  I hope that will be the case.  The investigation continues.

In the meantime week 51 is planned and the trip for a quick grocery run scheduled.

Week 51 is planned and closely follows my current low carb diet plan.  I have continued to loose weight while loosely following Suzanne Somer’s diet.  THM is similar in so many ways.  I hope that my positive progress continues.   Week 51 will have several challenges.  I will need to include foods during our celebrations that I can eat and enjoy or I am afraid that I will be tempted to stray from the plan.  In addition to the meals planned I will be investigating sides and desserts that are on the plan and might be acceptable to everyone.

I guess the meal plan for week 51 will be more involved than usual over the course of the week.  Regardless it should be a delightful week of discovery and great eating.

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