Barley for Breakfast…Who Knew

I think I might have your attention.  After all barley for breakfast does sound slightly weird.  Ok…totally weird.  Actually who really has barley in their pantry?  I must admit that normally I would not, however several months ago I came across a recipe that I saved to my pinterest board…”Looks Good Enough to Try” that called for barley.  I never made that recipe.  In fact when scanning the 700 plus pins on that board I cannot seem to find it.

To my amazement as I researched Trim Healthy Mama’s E Breakfasts, I came across a breakfast called Creamy Grains.  I have been attempting to find as many E breakfasts as possible to round out my meal plan.  As I skimmed the ingredients I realized that it called for 3/4 cup of a cooked plan-friendly grain (brown rice, quinoa, whole barley, farro, or old fashioned or steel-cut oats.)  Easy decision…since I am attempting to clear my pantry, the selection of the barley was a given.

I cooked enough of the barley to accommodate 4 breakfasts and divided them into 4 separate zip lock bags.  I have now had 4 Creamy Grains breakfasts.  The recipe is in the new cookbook on page 252.


I used fresh blueberries for berry creamy grains 3 mornings and for the final breakfast I used mango.  It may sound strange but I really enjoyed both the flavor and the texture.  The first 3 mornings I made the meal with the amount of water recommended and it was like a porridge.  The final day I cut the amount of water in half.  I preferred the later and will fix it that way in the future.

I must admit “porridge” was never on my radar, nor was barley for breakfast, but it was surprisingly good.  I am eager to try it again with the steel-cut oatmeal that I have on hand.   I will most likely try to keep my meals a more creamy consistency, rather than soupy, but the taste is definitely there.

So there you have it…barley for breakfast in a breakfast porridge via Trim Healthy Mama.

Trim Healthy Mama

It worked!



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  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for the idea!

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