Reunion… My definition based on childhood experiences would be “Relatively unconnected relatives getting together.”  However, the word took on a whole new meaning this past weekend.

I can remember family reunions all too well when I was growing up.  Visiting with family for the day…command performance…re-introducing, talking, eating, and leaving, all to be repeated at some pre-selected future date.

This past weekend was considerably different.  It should be noted that the last 3 times that my sisters and I have been together were for our Mom’s funeral, a Thanksgiving celebration with 40-plus additional family members, and our Dad’s funeral.

Time, distance and busy lives have circumvented a “Reunion”.

Over the past few years, Jan has wintered in the South and planned this winter to spend part of that time with Pat and her husband in Texas.

A window for a “Reunion” emerged if Carol could manage a trip to Texas.

Presidents’ Day Weekend was selected.

And so it was planned and so it took place.  Three days together, (husbands in tow).

On a small Texas ranch the 3 sisters Reunited, but more importantly, Reconnected, and Recommitted one to the other.

The idea for a blog was born over the course of the weekend, not as a vehicle to build any kind of an audience, but, initially, as a way to share recipes.  Ultimately it was decided not to have limitations, but to include any and all things that hold our interest and would keep us connected.

Thus the blog was born.  Hopefully it will prove to be important to us….and who knows, maybe bits and pieces will be meaningful to you.

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