Meal Planning Week 2

Well, we had quite an unexpected abundance of leftovers last week.  We had so much food that I didn’t make 3 of the meals on my meal plan.  So guess what?  This week’s plan will include all of the untried recipes from last week as well as additions.

Since Sunday and Monday were forecasted to be near 70 degrees, several adjustments have been made.

Sunday held a late afternoon meeting in East Beach ending after 5 PM…so we had leftovers from last Wednesdays family dinner…Pork Chops, Bang Bang Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato Fries.  Our Sunday meal completely wiped out the leftover stash.

Monday:  Steaks on the Grill  (weather should be perfect for the first use of the grill since last year.)

Tuesday: Orange Chicken

Wednesday (We have the girls and the parents will be home late)  The girls have requested as usual Sausage Mac and Cheese

Thursday:  Slow Cooker Mexican Quinou

Friday:  Family Dinner Night  Our daughter in law is out of town for the weekend and our son has his last night home for nearly a month.  Since the girls have no school, I have planned a cooking class.  The girls will learn to prepare dinner for the evening.    The Family Dinner will be Chicken Crescents (the girls’ second most requested meal) and a favorite of their dad’s as well.

Saturday:  Lasagna Soup and Homemade Bread   We will have the girls again and if we make this ahead we will have all day to play.

Sunday:   Chicken in Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce.

As I learned last week, the best laid plans do not necessarily come to fruition.  I will do my grocery shopping on Tuesday.  There are a lot of great specials.  We will see how things go.

The biggest thing I have had to learn in my new life is to be more flexible.  It has also been the most difficult for me.   But, I am learning.