Who’s Bright Idea Was This Anyway?

For the first time in five years, the three sisters and their husbands were together for a weekend of pure fun and relaxation.  In fact, if we only count times that the focus was on fun, it had been much longer for the funerals of each of their parents had been what had drawn them together from across the country in the years before that.  One from Texas, one from Ohio and the other from Illinois travelling to a small Texas ranch to be together.

Out of that weekend of fun, food, laughter and discussion was born this blog.  A chance for them to share their ideas about good food, making a home, and living with families.  Each sister bringing her own, wide ranging experiences and attitudes to put her own spin on the topic.

So, we begin this adventure together.  Carol, Pat and Jan sharing our lives with each other and with you.

In Texas  on Pat's ranch.  Carol, Pat (in the back), and Jan.

In Texas on Pat’s ranch. Carol, Pat (in the back), and Jan.