Texas Road Trip…The Hill Country

Before our Texas trip took us to Pat’s ranch, the ‘Ol  Buckeye and I made a quick detour to visit old friends in the Texas hill county.  Mike and Judy retired and moved to a custom home they built between Austin and San Antonio in a golf course community called Cordillera Ranch near Boerne.

Experience Cordillera Ranch

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Mike and Judy left Arlington Heights about 10 years ago, and although we have kept in touch, we had not been together since they moved.

We have lived in Arlington Heights in our same home for 35 years.  Mike was the very first visitor to our home.  He was part of an outreach ministry from St Peter Lutheran Church.  Soon after his visit we met Judy and for the past 35 years have been friends.

Competitive swimming brought our families even closer together and grew into a 4 couple comradery that shared many happy and sad times.

It was shortly after the tragic loss of their youngest son, that Mike retired and they made the move.

In life you reconnect with some friends, reminisce, and then realize that you don’t continue to share as many interests as you once did.  However, there are the others.  The friends that you feel you never left.  You pick up right where you left off.  That is how it was with Mike and Judy.


When we arrived we were so warmly greeted.  We talked all over each other trying to catch up on the years gone by, laughing about so many things, treading lightly on the others.  What a wonderful evening.

They gave us a tour of their Texas cottage.

minson livingThe Living Room

minson familyThe Family

IMG_8229The Informal Dining Area

IMG_8228The Kitchen

minson diningThe Dining Room

minson murphyThe Downstairs Den…Behind the Cabinet, A Murphy Bed!

minson denThe Upstairs Den with a Balcony and an Amazing View

I am not that familiar with Texas architecture and the use of materials.  I marveled at the use of stone and other rustic materials, while still maintaining such a homey, liveable space.

And then there was the view.  They looked out at the fabulous hill country unobstructed for miles and miles.  Astounding.

minson view

minson view 3

We took a drive throughout the massive community and marveled at the views.  We joined them for dinner at the clubhouse.

minsons dinner club

Such a perfect evening.

minson sunrise 2

And then there was the spectacular sunrise the next morning,  capping off a perfect visit.  “When morning guilds the skies.”

Friendship should be valued, whether it is continuous with those close to us, or with relationships once important, that time and space have removed.  As I get older, I have come to realize, like connecting with family, it is important to connect with friends.  Each and every person touching us in life has an impact.  Sometimes we know the importance immediately, sometimes years later.

We value the moments we have spent with Mike and Judy.