Pat’s Porch

My sister, Pat and husband, The Tinker, have a knack for making their home attractive, comfy and quirky.  Every part of her home reflects her personality and that of her husband.  Example: her porch.IMG_1790

Given decent temperatures, you could spend hours upon hours enjoying life on her porch.  The view is beautiful and peaceful…pond, cattle grazing, gorgeous trees, wide expanses.  The sounds are peaceful…birds chirping, cows lowing, breeze blowing, and probably the purr of a cat on your lap.


But comfortable is the word that best describes her porch.  The large, rustic rockers call out to you to sit down and relax awhile.


We spent hours around the simple picnic table, eating appetizers and drinking adult beverages.  Laughing and telling stories.  Enjoying family and new friends.


And you can probably tell from these pictures that those quirky touches that make the house special abound.




IMG_1798And it truly is a home, sweet home.  Thanks for the hospitality!