I am beer.

I love beer.

This is not a surprise to those who know me, and seems like a pretty darned tasty way to introduce myself. I think my love of beer pretty much describes who I am (and am not).

1. I’m not a snob. I like all kinds of beer. I frankly don’ t think there’s anything more refreshing on a 100+ Texas afternoon when you’re out fixing a fence than an icy Bud Light right out of our Eldora Speedway cooler. In fact, I thought Bud’s Super Bowl ad


this year was genius. Know your customer. Own it. They unashamedly stood up for their macrobrew.  And I can respect that.

2. I like creativity and variety. I like a good Pumpkin Peach Ale. In fact, I’m sitting here right now with a Leinenkugel’s Big Butt Doppelbock because, yes, I like Big Butts, and think Leinenkugel’s is the greatest thing to come of Wisconsin since the Harley Davidson. Or maybe Harley is the greatest thing to come out of Wisconsin since Leinie’s. Need to look that one up.

Big Butt

 3.  I don’t need to impress anybody. Well, maybe my sisters. Or my inlaws. Or my stepkids. Or… wait. Hmmm. I drink beer because I like it. Not because you do.

4. I share. It is rare when my husband, the fixer of all things whom I fondly call The Tinker, and I do not have the beer fridge at least half full of something interesting.  Or at least something cold. You fall by the house? You get offered a beer. Or two. And yes, we have a fridge dedicated to beer, don’t you? We also have a kegerator. I hug it sometimes.

5. I’m proud of my heritage. My dad drank Schoenling***. Not Little Kings, real beer. My mom would go down to the little grocery on the corner in the small town where I

Showing off my versatility...

Showing off my versatility…

grew up and pick him up a case of long necks I want to say weekly. It’s the first beer I ever tasted. It’s what he ordered at the Elks Club while I got an Orange Nehi. It’s the pull tap on my kegerator. Here’s to you, dad.


***Beer trivia question of the day!!! Who bought Schoenling’s assets and is still making beer today? Answer later in the blog.



6. I am a country person at heart. I’ve lived in the city, I’ve tried to live that life, and I still work in the city. But I grew up in a small town (thanks Mr. Mellencamp) and I live out in the country. Out here, at the little country dive bars and “country stores” you drink beer or BYOB. And I’m okay with that. I like country music. I two step. I think Texas Red Dirt music rules and Bob Wills is still the king. ‘Nuff said.

And that’s a six-pack about me.

***Answer to the beer trivia question: Sam Adams bought Schoenling’s assets and moved them to Boston. The rest is history. And I’ll be writing more about some very good Sam Adams seasonals soon!