The “Idea”

I have to chuckle as I think about the whole “blog” idea and how it evolved.  Talk about taking an idea and turning it into a project. Three sisters, quite different from each other, but all qualified “over achievers”, to put it mildly, begin a new venture or adventure as we would like to think.

Since all of us love to cook and have shared recipes in the past, creating a simple blog to share those recipes seemed to be a great idea.  We could share, tweak and refine.  As a bona fide plus, all of our creativity would be available and organized.  Quite simple really.  NOT.

Create a Blog.  Decision made.  Three sisters blogging once a week should alleviate the stress of maintaining continuity.  It should be fun.

We needed a blog name…describing that process would be an entire blog all on its own.

As the concept began to form the ideas flew.  We asked ourselves “Why confine this to cooking and recipes?  Why not include all of our interests?”  In the process we would learn much more about each other.  Think where this could lead.

Our “Reunion” weekend became a think tank as we bounced ideas off of each other (at times even considering offerings by the husbands), and eventually adopting the least “suckworthy” of the suggestions.

And so we began…